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2019 RAB Hobbies Geelong Challenge Cup

And thats a wrap for the 2019 RAB Hobbies Geelong Challenge Cup.

There was a solid turnout even though the weather was always going to be against us, the morning started off well and we thought that we might complete the event but unfortunately as with many other major events in 2019 we were another statistic.

Nonetheless we managed to get complete all the qualifying rounds before the heavens opened up and it was decided by the committee to call the event and base the results on the qualies.

We like to thank everyone that turned up and supported the event from all our peer clubs and all the following sponsors that really help in making the event great:

RAB Hobbies - Naming sponsor

Hobbies Direct - Truck class sponsor

Allsport Trophies

Parkwood Hotel

Grovedale Hire

And finally the Geelong Radio Control Car committee who are a champion team and put in many hours to ensure the event was the best it could possibly be:

Nic Micaelides

Steve Purser

Brett Shell

Francisco Canonigo

Darian Morano

Results based on qualifying

Winners are grinners


TQ & 1st - Brett Shell - nice photo bomb by daughter :)

2nd - Davide Muzzin

3rd - Scott Lucas


TQ & 1st - Glenn Wilson

2nd - Joseph Fekete

3rd - Richard Hopkins


TQ & 1st - Tim Boundy

2nd - Jason Milbourne

3rd - Jordan Lowery


TQ & 1st - Jason Milbourne

2nd - Blair Cradick

3rd - Tim Boundy


TQ & 1st - Glenn Wilson

2nd - Cooper Davis

3rd - Tim Forster


TQ & 1st - Luis Sola

2nd - Brian Stewart

3rd - John Krillis


TQ & 1st - Sandy Iavazzo

2nd - John Krillis

3rd - Dan Sriratana


Tony Parreiro

Group photo

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