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GRCR Racing Classes

Le Mans Prototypes (LMP)



Any commercially available 1:10 scale rear wheel drive LMP chassis with a T-bar, Pivot Ball Link or independent rear suspension. 4WD’s must have drive to the front wheels disabled.


Motor & Electronics

LMP 21.5

  • Any 21.5 turn brushless motor with any rotor. Any end bell timing is allowed.

  • Any ESC without dynamic timing, or with a Blinky mode, is allowed.

LMP 540

  • Tamiya RS-540 Sport-Tuned Motor #53068, Tamiya RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor #54358 or 540J silver can motor #53689.

    Motors not be modified or tampered with in any way.

  • Any ESC for silver can.

Body Shell

  • Any Le Mans Prototype or Group C Sports Car body shell. 

  • Painting your shell in past or current full scale team colours is encouraged.


  • Foam or Rubber F1 tyres.

  • 24mm Rubber tyres.

  • Tyre cleaner permitted.

  • Tyre warmers permitted.

  • Tyre additive permitted.

Hop Ups

  • Any hop up available from any manufacturer.


  • Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR or EFRA websites.


  • Gearing is not restricted.


  • Minimum 1000 grams ready to run including transponder.


  • Maximum width of 205mm.

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