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TCR Information


GRCR Racing Classes




Any front-wheel drive chassis is allowed. Chassis must have independent suspension on all four wheels. Each driven wheel must have a flexible joint, eg: dog bone/s or universal joint/s in its driveshaft. Drive train and suspension design is free from restriction. Flat Pan (1/12th and 1/10th Track Style) chassis are not allowed.


The Chassis must not be shaped to gain an aerodynamic advantage. In principle the underside of the chassis must be flat and parallel to the ground along the entire length of the body-shell. Aerodynamic shaped parts (splitters/diffusers/tunnels/etc) may not be fitted to the chassis.

Motor & ESC Combo

  • Hobbywing XR10 Justock 13.5 combo.

  • Motor: Justock 3650 G2.1 13.5 (legacy G2 variant also legal)

  • ESC: Xerun XR10 Justock G3 (legacy non-G3 variant also legal)

  • ESC motor/battery wires may be replaced, max 14awg.

Body Shell

Eligible bodies are reasonable scale representations of any existing 'B/C-Segment' Front Wheel Drive Sedan/Hatchback/Wagon with a minimum allowable roof height of 125mm measured at the highest point of the roofline (vertical elements will be ignored).

Wings must be as supplied with the original body and must be painted, not clear.



  • Wheels must have spokes/holes as manufactured.

  • No solid flat disc faced rims.

  • Tyres are rubber only, open compound, open inserts.

  • Slicks and treaded tyres are both legal.

  • Dimensions and specs as per RCRA ISTC guidelines.


Hop Ups

  • Any hop up available from any manufacturer.



  • Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR or EFRA websites.



  • Gearing is not restricted.



  • 1250g.

Setup Sheets​

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