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New classes for 2023

Kyosho Fantoms



Kyosho FANTOM EP 4WD 30635 or Kyosho FANTOM EP 4WD Ext CRC-II 30637



Any ROAR or BRCA approved motor. All brushless motors for the Stock class will be wind rating of 21.5 turns, clearly indicated by the manufacturer on the external casing.



Any 2s Speed Controllers as per ROAR BRCA list. Speed controllers must provide zero timing advance, along with disabling advanced motor control functions (i.e. Boost, Cheat Mode, Turbo, etc). When the “0 Boost” profile is enabled, it shall be indicated by a blinking LED while the ESC is armed and in neutral position.


Body Shell

Only Kyosho Fantom body shells may be used. Kyosho part numbers: EFB001 and EFB002.



Only Kyosho Foam tires designed for Kyosho Fantom to be used. Kyosho part numbers: Front: EFTH001W Rear: EFTH005W


Hop Ups

All hop-ups for Kyosho Fantom 1/12th scale chassis are allowed. 



Any ROAR approved 2s Li-Poly hardcase battery is allowed. HV Graphene batteries are allowed however, maximum charged voltage must not exceed 4.2v.



Gearing is not restricted.



Minimum race-ready weight: 730g (with transponder) 



Overall Min Width: 155mm

Overall Max Width: 176mm

Max Track Width: 172mm

Overall Min Length: 320mm

Overall Max Length: 380mm


Driving Aids

No electronic driving aids (steering control by gyroscope, Drag Reduction System, wheel speed sensors, etc.). Transmitter functions are allowed.   


Ride Height

Minimum ride height allowed is 3mm at race ride height.

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