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GRCR Racing Classes

SCT DIV 2 (HSP Storms)



HSP 1/10 Storm 2WD Brushed RTR Short Course Truck #94607

The Brushless variant must compete in SCT DIV 1 (Open)


Motor & Electronics

  • Included HSP Brushed 550XL Motor & ESC must be utilised.

  • The supplied Transmitter & Receiver must be utilised.

  • The standard steering servo must be utilised.

  • No Gyros or Electronic Driver Aids are permitted!

Body Shell

  • Any 1/10 Scale Short Course Truck Body is permitted.



  • Kit tires and wheels must be utilised.

  • Tyre cleaner permitted.

  • Tyre warmers NOT permitted.

  • Tyre additive NOT permitted.

Hop Ups

  • HSP Steel 34T 48dp Idler Gear #60221S

  • HSP 20T 48dp Steel Input Gear #60257

  • No other modifications are allowed!


  • Any hard case 2S LiPo battery or Nimh (6 cells).

  • Motor Bullet connectors may not be removed or shortened.



  • Standard

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