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Any commercially available 1:10 scale rear wheel drive F1 or Indy Car chassis with a T-bar, Pivot Ball Link or independent rear suspension. 4WD’s must have drive to the front wheels disabled. Any hop ups specifically available for that chassis are allowed.


Brushless: Any 21.5 turn brushless motor with any rotor. Any end bell timing is allowed.

Brushed: Any 540 size 27 turn Johnson or Mabuchi silver can motor which may not be modified or tampered with in any way.


Brushless: Any ESC that does not have dynamic timing ie; boost or turbo timing options, or any ESC that has a Blinky mode ie; a flashing light denotes that no dynamic timing is enabled, is allowed.

Brushed: Any ESC for silver can.

Body Shell

Any F1 body shell. Painting your shell in past or current full scale F1 team colours is encouraged but any paint scheme is allowed. Driver head / helmet must be fitted. Painting of the drivers helmet and overalls is encouraged.


Rubber F1 tyres. No wheels or tyres manufactured for a class other than F1 may be used unless the manufacturer lists it as the primary wheel/tyre for that chassis eg; Corally.

Hop Ups

Any hop up available from any manufacturer.



Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR or EFRA websites.



Gearing is not restricted.



Minimum 1000 grams ready to run including transponder.


Maximum width of 205mm.

Setup Sheets​

1/10 Electric On Road Classes

Formula 1

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