Truck Information

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Legal kits: Item 58632 RC Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 type E chassis) & Item 58642 RC Team Reinert Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 type E chassis) Buggyra Racing Fat Fox EP Car Kit w/ Motor ESC #58661



The kit Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC and kit supplied motor (item 54358 RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor) must be used.


Body Shell

Truck bodies as per kit.
Bittydesign BDTRK-190IRO
019-003 Mon-Tech M-Truck 2.0
NO WINGS to be used

All body parts must be used including mirrors.

Body may be painted in any scheme.



Must use kit tires and wheels. NO tire treatment allowed.


Hop Ups

Ball bearings (any type/brand)

Alloy Prop Shaft set #54026

Alloy Prop Shaft part #53620




Any hard round-case 2S LiPo battery or Nimh (6 cells). (No removing battery ribs for square batteries)

Battery connector may be changed to DEANS or other type. Motor Bullet connectors may not be removed or shortened.



Must use stock size pinion and spur gear must be 61t spur/19t pinion