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GRCR Racing Classes

Kyosho Fazers


These regulations apply to the following classes:


Kyosho Fazer Mk.2 Ready To Run 4WD models.


Motor & Electronics

  • Kit supplied ESC & motor must be retained.

  • Motor Bullet connectors may be removed or shortened and soldered directly from the ESC.

  • The included Steering Servo may be replaced with another model.

  • The included Transmitter & Receiver may be replaced with another model.

  • No Gyros or Electronic Driver Aids are permitted!

Body Shell

  • Kit body or any 190-200mm scale-accurate sedan, rally or GT body.

  • Body may be painted in any scheme.



  • Kit tyres and wheels or any 24mm on-road rubber tyres.

  • Tyre cleaner permitted.

  • Tyre warmers NOT permitted.

  • Tyre additive NOT permitted.

Hop Ups

  • Shock oil may be changed.

  • Kyosho steel 32T 48P pinion gear (part #PNGS4832),
    or similar 32T 48P steel/aluminium pinion
     for durability.


  • Any 2S LiPo battery that does not exceed 60C.

  • Batteries must be hardwired Deans or Tamiya.

  • No bullet type connectors or adapters to convert from bullet.


As per kit

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