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Sept 2022 Championship Season

It was Fathers Day but it didnt stop the eager drivers packing their pit bags and heading west to the Geelong track and celebrate with a spot of racing the rest of the fathers. There were reports of rain in the metro region but Geelong was rain free albeit a slightly damp track from an overnight sprinkling.



Aaron Morris had another great day and took the trifecta; TQ, fastest lap and overall win, his TT-02 "Angry Shark" was too strong for the rest of the field. The Dixon girls threw everything at "Sharko" but couldnt cath him and they came in equal 2ns, new comer David Harris came in third.

1st - Aaron Morris

2nd - Natalie & Charlie Dixon

3rd - David Harris



Templestowe President & Mini whisperer Tim Boundy visited with all his arsenal and showed us why he is such a great mini driver, he took out TQ and most of the wins (except when his transponder popped out). Grant Davies did everything to stay in touch but Tim was too dominant. Jaxon did an amazing job to finish off in third.

1st- Tim Boundy

2nd- Grant Davies

3rd- Jaxon Durbidge



Once again there was a full field for the Kyosho class with both novice and experienced mixing it up on the track with a generous amount of panel grinding for extra excitement..

Ronald Maya came out to play again but this time with his own set of wheels and a new Porche body whilst Nic Michaelides had his Ferrari ready to go toe to toe...German vs Italian. It was great clean and close racing by both drivers with each taking 2 wins and 2 2nd places and in the end, both on equal points, it was decided on the ROAR tiebreaker with Nic just pipping Ronnie. Shane Rickets fought all day and finished with a commendable 3rd (Note. caller was too excited about the results and announced it incorrectly)

1st- Nic Michaelides

2nd- Ronald Maya

3rd- Shane Rickets



Tim Boundy showed his dominance in the TCR class taking the trifecta; TQ, fastest lap & all the wins. His Xpress chassis was flawless and handled the tactical Geelong track amazingly well. The battle was for 2nd place with Joel Rickets and Nic Michaelides was a great spectacle, both drivers not giving an inch but in the end Nic took Joel for 2nd

1st - Tim Boundy

2nd - Nic Michaelides

3rd - Joel Ricketts


ITSC 21.5

It was a great ding-dong battle between the top 3 drivers with each taking a win each however it was Shane Ricketts with an extra win in the 3rd race that secured his 1st place, Damian Dixon drove amazingly well in his new Tamiya 420X while, "The Golden Greek"Theo Theodorou, after a lengthy sabbatical, once again showed why he is one of the best steering in his MTS-T3M into 3rd.

1st- Shane Ricketts

2nd- Damian Dixon

3rd- Theo Theodorou


ITSC 13.5

The big boys came out to play and they didnt let us down. It was a story of the Hare and the Fox(s). Joel Ricketts in his XRAY X4 might not have cut the fastest laps but consistency always wins, he was calm and smooth and didnt make any mistakes to take wins in all the races. The real battle was for 2nd between 2 veterans and legends; Renato Benci in his MTS-T3M vs Ronnie Maya in his XRAY X4, the racing between the two was epic with nose to tail racing from go to whoa with a highlight of Ron launching his car over Rens for the finish line in race 2 to take 2nd by 0.03sec, race 3 also finished tight with Ren taking 2nd by 0.08sec. Great racing!!

1st- Joel Ricketts

2nd- Ron Maya

3rd- Renato Benci


Happy days


Full LiveTime race results can be viewed HERE

2022 Championship Season Drivers Points HERE

Hope to see you all back on the 2nd of October.


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