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November Club Day

With the weather not looking great all week we managed to get our November club day ran with great success. A damp start to the day was made easy with the new super sopper the club now has in its possession.

We trialed a format we hope to implement for the Geelong Cup. 1x Seeding qualification round followed by 4 heads up finals with a regrade after each round taking your aggregate of results in previous rounds to determine starting position for next the race.

Tamiya Class

Paul Iversen had a consistent day running 13 laps in all of the 4 finals and taking the win for all 4. The rest of the podium was battled by Nat Dixon who has been on the improve every meet and first time racer Garry Davies started to learn the ropes in his first time on a track. The Tamiya club car was put to use with Marley taking the wheel to see what all the fuss is about he ran two of the finals running 3rd in both. Hope to see him around the club in the near future. Final results

1st- Paul Iversen

2nd- Nat Dixon

3rd- Marley Sticks


Mini had a good showing with 5 cars taking to the track. Tim boundy was the man to beat from the get go, TQ’ing and running 17 laps for all of the finals. Grant Davies not to far behind him showing great speed with his mini that’s getting more dialed each time it hits the track. Joel and Shane Ricketts battled it out for 3rd. A bit of mishap for Joel in the 3rd saw him have to retire his mini from the day early. Final results

1st- Tim Boundy

2nd- Grant Davies

3rd- Shane Ricketts


The smallest class for the day but the guys used this opportunity in getting some track time in before next months Geelong Cup. Tim set the pace for the day but as the day went on Nic had his car sorted which led to a close last final only finishing 4 secs behind Tim. Hoping to see a full field of TCRs come next months Cup. Final results

1st- Tim Boundy

2nd- Nic Michaelides


Our biggest field for the day with some close racing throughout the whole field, Joel Ricketts setting the pace early in the first final taking the win. Second race a couple mishaps by Joel gave Luke Gunnell a chance to take the lead, with another mishap late by Joel gave the chance for Brett Shell to make his way into second place coming from 6th on the grid. Third race had Luke and Joel out front with some very consistent driving by Damian Dixon had him come from 5th on the grid to finish 3rd. Final race Luke was out in front with Joel pushing hard from behind closing the gap between the two but a couple of slip ups mid race made it hard for him to keep the pressure on. Final results

1st- Luke Gunnell

2nd- Joel Ricketts

3rd- Shane Ricketts


After the swap from Serpent to Xpress Steve Vakalis set the pace in 13.5 with Nigel George and Nic Michaelides battling out for 2nd and 3rd. Steve got faster as the day went on breaking well into the 19 lap zone with consistent and close driving from Nigel and Nic battling out for the next podium positions. Some trouble for Nic at the start of the 3rd seen him miss the race and a close battle between Steve and Nigel had Nigel pull through for the Win. 4th final saw Steve pulled away from the battling Nigel and Nic. Nic moves his way up to second early which had Nigel hot on his heels for majority of the race. Nigel managed to pass Nic after Nic made a mistake coming off the back straight sweeper. He looked for a chance to take back second position but after a tangle and some good sportsmanship by Nic he was unable to make the pass. Final positions

1st- Steve Vakalis

2nd- Nigel George

3rd- Nic Michaelides

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:ans5lith the weather forecast not looking great all week we managed to get our November club day ran with great success. A damp start to the day was made easy with the new super sopper the club now has in its possession.

Look forward to seeing everyone on the 4th and 5th of December for the RAB Hobbies Geelong Challenge Cup!


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