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July 2022 Championship Season

Cold temperature and a damp track greeted us for our July club day however it wasn't long, after a few laps with the Super Sopper, before the track began to dry out the track to the jubilation to the small army of racers that braved the early conditions. As the track wasnt completely dry we decided to make a start with classes that could handle the conditions, namely; Kyosho, Tamiya and Mini. Once the track dried out we introduced the other classes.



Aaron Morris once again showed his dominance in the class taking a clean sweep in qualifying and the mains. He visited the reception early and checked out!!



Joel Rickets dusted off his mini and attempted to take it up to Grant Davies but he had tech issues in practice and didnt start but young gun Jaxon Durbidge told Joel to "step aside old man coz I'm coming through!" . Grant dominated all day but Jaxon took it up to him

1st- Grant Davies

2nd- Jaxon Durbidge

3rd- Joel Ricketts



This class is growing in popularity all the time and its easy to see why; with a control car and stunning, realistic bodies its a recipe for great fun racing. Nic Michaelides in the Ford GT40 took TQ and the mains to claim the day with Grant Davies's yellow Chevy GT close behind with new comer Justin Gerada is his Nissan closing it out.

1st- Nic Michaelides

2nd- Grant Davies

3rd- Justin Gerada

Shayne Douglas's GT3 was worse for ware by the end of the day but it buffed out just fine!



The class was down on numbers this meet so they were added to the ITSC 13.5 class. Grant Davies crushed the class with is XPress powered Honda taking TQ and all the mains ahead of Shane Ricketts in his converted T4'20


ITSC 21.5

Dad and son rivalry continued again with Joel Ricketts having bragging rights over his dad. Joel took TQ and all the mains in his XRAY X4 powered by Team Powers elecs, with Matty Durbidge closed it off

1st- Joel Ricketts

2nd- Shane Ricketts

3rd- Matthew Durbidge (Durbs)



This was a very interesting class, Joel Ricketts and Nic Michaelides were running almost identical cars; XRAY X4, Team Powers ESC, motor, servo and the new TP radials and was reflected by the action on the track with nose to tail racing and 2 races finishing less that 0.9 sec apart. Steve and Renato had there own battle to finish 3rd & 4th.

1st- Joel Ricketts

2nd- Nic Michaelides

3rd- Steve Vakalis.


Fun times on the drivers stand!


Full LiveTime race results can be viewed HERE

2022 Championship Season Drivers Points HERE

Hope to see you all back on the 7th of August


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