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Feb 2021 Club Day

It was great to be back racing and hope that there will be many more races in the 2021 season.

The day started out cool and the rain fairies sprinkled some of their unwanted precipitation on the track but it was only a tease and it passed to a comfortable day of racing.

We introduced the "Whatever" class for the first time and there was some good interest so people turned up to have a crack and the overall consensus was it was a fun class and a great way to get into racing. We will continue on with this class for the foreseeable future, hopefully the other clubs can also pick this up :)

There was a solid turnout for all the classes;

Luke Gunnell dominated the Truck and 21.5 class but the battle for 2nd was hot between Brett Shell and Joel Ricketts.

Caitlyn showed her girl power and topped her brother in Mini

Nic Michaelides and Nigel George had a good ding dong battle in 13.5 where Nigel topped the sheet.

LiveTime results HERE

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