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2022 Reflection & 2023

While 2022 is coming to an end we want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year. Racing at Bell Park for all those years was a great spring board in establishing our club in the western region, we could have remained complacent and continued to run once a month but with no real club growth, our members were calling for more, they wanted to support us but they also wanted a venue they could truly call home and be proud of. We had 2 choices; stay or leave! Fortunately the committee wanted to play the game big and were determined to find a new home, we were further pressed by the previous landlord who was reluctant to have us stay on so we had to take a leap of faith. When you want something bad enough things manifest and we were humbled when everything aligned themselves and presented us with Beckley Park. We still face challenges with the new venue but we will overcome these and bring you the best facility that we can.

The committee, friends and other club members really helped us in the transition and we are ever grateful. We look forward to the 2023 racing season and working closer than ever before with the other Victorian clubs to have a healthier RC community for everyone to enjoy and be proud of.

The 2023 Geelong racing calendar will consist of:

  • 12 Non-Championship rounds (points not awarded towards the season championship).

  • 10 Championship rounds (points awarded towards the season championship).

  • Geelong Cup.

  • Victorian state titles (TBC).

  • Other events we cant mention yet.

  • 11 Friday fun nights. Below is a list of our themed events.

Check out the Victorian RC Calendar HERE


  • Kyosho Pro, Novice & Junior

  • Mini

  • Tamiya TT-02

  • Tamiya Trucks

Flat Bottoms

  • F1

  • 1/10 Pan Le Mans

  • 1/12 Pan Cars

  • TCR TOCA BTCC - BTCC & Supertouring Pre-2010

Thunderdome Oval Racing


  • Indycar/F1

  • ITSC Touring Cars

Ramp Round

  • Vintage Buggies

  • Short Course Trucks

  • Rally X

  • Mini-T & Mini-B

Kyosho Teams and VTA

  • A junior is paired with a Pro, they pit together and run their own races, their points are collated and totaled for an overall winning team.

  • Any VTA or muscle car, must a VTA body and VTA tyres on either a Kyosho Fazer chassis or old TC chassis.

  • Both events are 10min with a compulsory battery pit stop.


  • All things Mini-Z racing.


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