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2021 Club Champions

With our last club day in November completed and no further chances for extra points for this year, the club champions have been decided.

Its been a challenging year with the bulk of the time unable to race due to restrictions but when we did there was some great and fair racing. Congratulations to all the podium winners and to all the Geelong members and members from over Victoria partaking and more importantly supporting the club.

And the winners are...


Grant Davies, Damian Dixon and Nat Dixon all started in this class as newbies with limited racing experience but have improved leaps and bounds and have now moved onto more advanced classes and contesting the front row. Melissa had a great time and enjoyed being out racing and showing the lads how it was done. Honorable mention to Nat Dixon for her 4th place!

  1. Melissa Baudler.

  2. Grant Davies.

  3. Damian Dixon


The Tamiya class was a new class that we introduced for new drivers that wanted to race but weren't too sure how to start and didnt want to throw bucket loads of cash into the hobby. This class, along with the Kyosho class, will bring budget friendly racing to the club and continue to grow.

  1. Paul Iverson.

  2. Nat Dixon.

  3. Marley Sticks.


The Truck class is another fun and budget friendly way to get into racing, with their realistic detail and top and front heavy weight bias they were so fun to watch bouncing around the track with some paint swapping for good measure.

  1. Matt Durbidge.

  2. Joel Ricketts.

  3. Paul Iverson.


Good ol' Mini, been around since the dawn of time but still great to watch and sometimes to drive.

  1. Grant Davies.

  2. Jaxon Durbidge.

  3. Caitlyn Durbidge.


This class is gaining more traction (pun intended) due to their control motor and ESC combo and their realistic scale bodies.

  1. Nic Michaelides.

  2. Ron Passek.

  3. Adam Becker.


This was the hottest contested class for the year, with a large field and plenty of drivers with the opportunity to P1 it was a fun and exciting class to see. It was a tough battle with the father and son Ricketts with only a couple of points between them coming into the final round. Brett Shell was hot on there heels and in the top 3 but was overtaken by Luke Gunnell in the final round who drove flawlessly with 3 wins for the day. Honorable mention to Brett.

  1. Joel Rickets.

  2. Shane Ricketts.

  3. Luke Gunnell.


With no Open Modified this year, this was a pinnacle class. There was some great, close and clean driving for the whole year by all the drivers. The veteran drivers of Nigel George and Nic Michaelides were neck and neck all year but it was Nigel with his Mugen who had the edge over Nic driving the Race-Opt. Steve was struggling to get a suitable setup with his Serpent but with a new Xpress chassis in the final round it showed it potential, look out for him in the 2022 season.

  1. Nigel George.

  2. Steve Vakalis.

  3. Nic Michaelides.

Full results can be found HERE

Club champions are for Geelong club members only.


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