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GRCR Code of Conduct

  1. Your Safety is our priority at GRCCC therefore it is essential that anyone attending the club to race must agree to the clubs code of conduct.

  2. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times which includes ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR, there is to be no thongs, sandles or open toed footwear is not permitted any time during a race meeting.  Spectators or pit people also need to adhere to this rule.

  3. It's important that the day is enjoyable and fun, so any behaviour deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated such as; swearing, verbal abuse or threatening actions towards others.  Further, alcohol or other illicit substances are also not permitted.  This includes both on and off the drivers stand.

  4. We all expect our car to be marshalled when we have an accident during a race, so its

  5. mandatory that once your race is complete you return your car and transmitter to

  6. either your pit or the scrutineering table and head straight out to a marshalling position

  7. on the track so the next race can get underway without delay.

  8. When a car is marshalled it is not the responsibility of the marshal to fix the car or return it

  9. to the pit lane. If during an incident a car is still able to continue, place it right way back on the track, allowing right of way to oncoming race traffic. If a car is unable to continue, remove it from the track and place it upside down in a safe location outside the track and return to your marshalling duties.  Drivers MUST remain on the stand until the race is over.

  10. It is unacceptable to yell at marshals if you have an incident or expect them to resolve any technical issues.

  11. Driving a car without a body is not permitted.

  12. Driving a car is only allowed from the drivers stand.

  13. Driving a car in reverse or the wrong way on the track is not permitted.

  14. Listed to the calls of race control, if you did not hear please ask someone or go to race control for clarity, it is not the responsibility of race control if you miss your race.

  15. The race director, race control or a committee member has the final say regarding any disputes or safety concerns.

  16. It is appreciated if every driver helps with setup and packdown.

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