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Classes and Rules

  • We follow RCRA rules and classes.  Full rules HERE

  • We follow IFMAR and ROAR  approved cars, running gear and Batteries lists.

Race Day

Track setup from 8:30am. We encourage everyone to help set up in the morning. The track opens for practice at 9am with racing from 10am. All racers are also encouraged to help pack up after racing has finished.  Please read our Code of Conduct

Entry Fees

GRCR members have special race rates, please visit our Club Membership for option.
Non members $15 per class.
Any brand new racer attending their very first race meet - entry is FREE!


Race Format

  • 5 Rounds in total.

  • 1st round is a staggered start "seeding" or qualifying run, it is a 5 min race. Complete your best 3 consecutive laps to determine grid position.

  • 2nd - 4th rounds a grid start or heads up racing.  The race is over 5 min.  Complete as many laps during this time, your race finish will determine your next rounds starting position.

  • Your worst round is dropped and the points for the remaining 3 rounds are tallied.

    • 100 point for 1st

    • 97 point for 2nd

    • 96 points for 3rd etc

    • In case of a tie the winner is determined by your best combined 2 rounds.  If its still a tie then it your best single round.

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