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Tamiya TC Information

1/10 Electric On Road Classes

Touring Car Masters



Tamiya entry-level plastic-tub 4WD touring cars such as TT-01, TT-02, TA-01, TA-02, TB-01 etc.


ESC & Motor

540 Silver can and brushed ESC.

Body Shell

Scale accurate Group A, DTM or JGTC bodies that competed between 1983 and 1996.



Kit tyres and wheels or any 24mm on-road rubber tyres. NO tire treatment allowed.


Hop Ups

Ball bearings (any type/brand)

Alloy Prop Shafts



Any hard round-case 2S LiPo battery or Nimh (6 cells). (No removing battery ribs for square batteries)

Battery connector may be changed to DEANS or other type. Motor Bullet connectors may not be removed or shortened.



As per kit

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